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Here’s what a few of our coaches are saying about the American Guitar Academy Guitar Coach Program:

“I started with zero students and now I’m a month away from teaching fulltime - and I’ve only been doing this for 3 months! It’s really rewarding to see someone pick up guitar this fast. Plus I’m having fun at “work” now (I don’t really think of it as work). It’s a little obnoxious how many students I’ve gotten through thisJ.”

-Justin T.


“I’m really pleased with the speed at which I’m getting more students. I have more students now than I’ve ever had before; I only ever had 25 students before - now I have 3 dozen! I have new students coming in weekly –it’s awesome!”

-Randy H.


“I like the commitment AGA makes to the experts to become better guitar players in less time. I like the concept of the students being experts instead of "students" and us as coaches instead of "guitar teachers". In general, I like the AGA philosophy and how it feels about guitar but life and the quality of life. I think Andy's audio really made a big difference to me when doing part 1 of the coaches training. I can feel his sincerity.”

-Juan R.