Earn while you learn and get your Guitar Teacher Certification from American Guitar Academy for only 1 penny!

For a limited time, qualified guitar players can choose to pay for their certification simply by agreeing to take part in our marketing support service and be listed in our national advertising campaigns and on our website for a period of 12 months beginning when you enroll to start your certification. Click here to find out if you qualify.

Our marketing support service is included as part of the Guitar Teacher Certification program for all enrollees who qualify and is a way we can help to generate student leads to help you build your student base. It is an optional service for all enrollees who pay the full enrollment fee, and they can choose to use it or not depending on when they would like more students.

As part of the Earn while you learn program, you will simply be agreeing to use our marketing support service for a period of 12 months beginning when you enroll. Again, there is no fee for this service and the only difference between how it will work for you and how it would work for someone paying the full enrollment fee, is that you will not have the option to be delisted from or advertizing and our website for a period of 12 months after you enroll. This option can work well for someone who is interested in building their student base within the first 12 months and wants to begin teaching right away while they are completing their certification.

More details on how our marketing support service works:

Let American Guitar Academy bring students to you. All Guitar Teacher Certification enrollees who qualify can be listed in our ongoing national advertising and on our website for no additional cost. American Guitar Academy provides ongoing advertizing to bring you prospective students and to help you keep your student base full. New students will be contacting you on an ongoing basis to schedule lessons.

Here's how it works: American Guitar Academy ads your studio listing to our ongoing advertizing campaigns in your area and on our website. Through our wide range of national advertizing partners, we offer prospective clients either free or reduced rate packages of one, two, three or four, thirty minute lessons. We then pass these students on to you as highly qualified leads. You will then give the student prospects the one, two, three or four, thirty minute lessons that they've chosen and then convert them into your ongoing paying students. American Guitar Academy will be paid for the initial package only and does not take any cut after that. You keep the new students and get paid the full amount directly from them for as long after the initial trial as they take lessons with you.

We also provide a complete proven training on how to convert student leads to paying students. In addition, there are trainings on tested, proven marketing methods exclusive to guitar lessons that you won't find anywhere else. These methods will show you how to market yourself for little or no cost to get additional students anytime you want, year after year.

Just to be clear- you are not getting paid for the first initial lesson package. You would consider these lessons highly qualified student leads, meaning that these people have already decided to invest in the exact brand of lessons (American Guitar Academy lessons) that only you and a handful of other teachers in your area are qualified to offer. Your job will be to help them begin to experience the results they are most excited about during the initial lessons and then help them decide to enroll as your ongoing student after the initial lessons. Once they are your ongoing student, you keep the entire amount that they pay. The people that will come to you will be prepared to pay you between $23 to $29 per 30 minute lesson if they continue after their initial package.

Think of it this way: how much would it be worth to you to have a steady flow of people contacting you to take lessons because you can offer them something that no one else in your immediate area can? If you were to spend time and money on creating this result on your own, it would most likely cost much more than simply providing one, two, three or four, thirty minute lessons. This agreement also allows us to provide you with your certification for only one penny. Again, this service has worked amazingly well to help guitar players across the U.S. build up their student base quickly. Again, by enrolling in the Earn While You Learn program, you will simply be agreeing to use this service for at least the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, you will have the option to use it only when you want more students and you can delist your studio at anytime.

How to enroll in the Earn While You Learn Program:

Please send us an email letting us know you wish to enroll in the Earn While You Learn Program and we'll send you a code that will allow you to enroll for only one penny.

Please send the following information in your email:

  1. That you wish to enroll in the Earn While You Learn Program
  2. That you have read, understand and agree to the details of the Earn While You Learn Program
  3. That you qualify for the Earn While You Learn Program (click the link in the first paragraph on this page to find out if you qualify)

Please send your email to: CustomerCare@AmericanGuitarAcademy.com. Thanks!