Frequently Asked Questions  

Have a question? Please look through the following list of frequently asked questions. Chances are you will find your answer here. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, please click on the contact-us link at the end of this page to send us an email and we will help you further. If you do not get a response, it simply means the answer is already listed here.

1) Where are you located?

We have many coaches with many locations; to find a coach and location near you simply type your zip code in this search box:

5 Digit ZipCode:

We are continually adding more locations so if you don’t find a location that suits you now, check back soon. You may also consider taking live online lessons right from your computer. This option is available from any of our coaches.

2) How long is each lesson and how often are they?

We offer 30 minute lessons once per week. You may consult with your coach about other options as well.

3) How much do your lessons cost?

Our standard prices range from $99 to $119 per month depending on the package that you choose. Many coaches also offer limited time discounts from time to time. Ask your coach about your best pricing options after your first month of lessons.

4) What kind of guitar do you teach; acoustic, electric, etc?

The American Guitar Academy method ensures that you will gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to virtually play all styles of music on the acoustic, electric and classical guitars. We also have a complete method for the bass guitar as well. Any of the following guitars are fine to use for your lessons: steel string acoustic, nylon string classical or an electric guitar.

5) Do I need a guitar to take lessons?

You may start taking lessons without owning a guitar. All our coaches will have an extra guitar available for you during lesson times only. You will not be able to take the guitar home with you though, so we strongly recommend gaining access to a guitar as soon as you can so that you can get the most from your lessons.

6) What days and times do you have available?

Each Certified American Guitar Academy coach handles his or her own schedule. Typical lesson times usually range from about 2 – 8PM weekdays and 10 – 5 PM Saturdays but may vary from coach to coach. To find out about specific lesson times availability, contact a coach in your area directly. To find a coach near you simply type your zip code in this search box:

5 Digit ZipCode:

7) What levels do you teach; beginners, advanced etc?

We work with people of all levels, beginners through professionals.

8) What will I learn in my lessons?

The American Guitar Academy method will ensure that you gain all the skills knowledge and confidence to play virtually all types of music. Your coach will tailor your lessons to help you reach your own goals quickly and focus each lesson on the specific styles of music you are most excited about. We cover chords, scales, theory, note reading, reading TABs, improvising, songwriting, performing, playing your favorite songs and much more!

9) How do I enroll for lessons on your website?
  1. Click on the Enroll for Lessons link.
  2. Fill out the form completely and select your lesson Package and coach and enter your coupon redemption code and coupon advertiser if you are enrolling from a pre purchased coupon.
  3. Hit the submit button.
  4. Your coach will be notified immediately of your enrollment and will contact you within about 7 business days to schedule your lessons. You may contact your coach anytime using the coach contact information provided.
  5. You will get a welcome email with more information about the lessons and a PDF of the American Guitar Academy Method Book Level 1 (or level 1A) for you to print out and take to your lessons.
10) Can I purchase a Coupon or lesson package AND enroll for a free lesson too?

No. Free lessons cannot be combined with any other lesson packages.

11) What ages do you work with?

Anyone age 4 and up.

12) Do you teach other instruments too?

No, just guitar and bass guitar.

13) I saw a location listed on one of your ads but I don't see it listed in the coach search feature of the enrollment page on your website, why not?

Sometimes a lesson location may not show up on our website. It could be due to the lesson location being temporarily full or due to a coach changing their studio location. In either case you have several options:
  1. You may choose a different location to schedule your lessons now.
  2. You may check back at a later date to see if the original location has openings.
  3. You may check back at a later date to find a new location that might suit you better.
  4. You can enroll for live online lessons that are available through any of our coaches (simply choose the Web Cam Lesson option on the enrollment form with any Coach that comes up when you use the zip code search feature).
14) I am getting an invalid coupon code error while trying to enroll for lessons, what should I do?

Please make sure you are entering the correct coupon code from the voucher, please refer to the sample vouchers below for the coupon code for your coupon vendor:

Groupon Voucher
Groupon Voucher Sample

Living Social Voucher
Living Social Voucher Sample

Google Offers Voucher
Google Offers Voucher Sample

If you are still seeing the invalid coupon code error, then please make sure that the coach you have selected belongs to the city that the voucher is valid for and also verify that the coupon expiration date is in the future.

If the above FAQ's did not answer your question, you can click here to go to our contact-us form to send us an email.